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Influence Marketing Service in Dubai

Influencer marketing involves researching,identifying, engaging with and facilitating marketing outreach campaigns with creators who are able to create impactful impressions with customers about your brand, products and services.

Influencer marketing has become an important strategy for brands of all sizes. Depending on where a brands products and services are available it may be an effective strategy to use influencers with local, national, and global reach. Digital Champs can help you research and identify the influencers you require for your brand promotion. Thanks to our specialty in the area, we have leads on every influencers according to different businesses. 

Influence Marketing Service in Dubai

Why Influencers are Important for Inbound Marketing

Influencers help to spark awareness, grow a more loyal audience, and help to create your brand identity with your customers. The effects of influencer marketing on your inbound marketing efforts include:

  • increased word of mouth advertising
  • increased 3rd party content about your brand
  • a growing number of inbound sales funnels
  • new customers
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Flexible Pricing Plans

Digital Champs can help you find suitable influencers for your business. We have three flexible pricing plans for doing the groundwork for you. Our prices may seem pricey but better put your money on professionals.

Basic Plan

AED 99

List of 10 influencers
  • Niche trend research
  • Sample Contract
  • Collaboration for do's & don'ts
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Economy Plan

AED 180

List of 25 influencers
  • Niche trend research
  • Sample Contract
  • Collaboration for do's & don'ts

Premium Plan

AED 399

List of 50 influencers
  • Niche trend research
  • Sample Contract
  • Collaboration for do's & don'ts
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We are Trusted for
Influence Marketing Service in UAE

Emilia Clarke
OFFShore Dubai LTD,
Client of Company
"Finding influencers is hard for business. Things got easier when we partnered with Digital Champs. They complete their work like real champs."
Emilia Clarke
Shop Setup,
eCommerce Shop
"Quick work and it feels better because they have versatile communication. One of the best to recommend in Dubai/UAE."
Emilia Clarke
Fashion Dubai,
Fashion Company
"Excellent details on the final report. Everything is sorted out nicely. They know their stuff."
Emilia Clarke
Dubai Motors,
Manager of Company
"Automobile industry and influencers go hand in hand. But we needed to find the best hands. Thanks Digital Champs for finding the best influencers."
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We Offer a Wide
Variety of IT Services

Social Media Marketing

Our white label agency has extensive knowledge of current Social Media Marketing trends and useful techniques to boost up your Social Media presence. The experts are adept at both organic and paid marketing. We are specialized on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit

Graphics Design

Graphics design can bring life into your brand. We can create comprehensive graphics in the form of a banner, advertisement, poster, brochures, book cover, album cover, and many more. Our expert designers can synthesize complex data and transform them into engaging, simplistic visuals.

Writing & Translation

Writing and translation can become vital tools for marketing. Whether you want to educate your audience or just want to generate sales, we have your back. Our multidisciplinary and multi-talented writers can fulfill all your needs and write the best content for you. Partnering with us opens conventional content strategies.

Video & Animation

Video and animation is a very powerful tool for generating leads on business. It is the fastest way to engage customers, and also educate them about complex matters. We have expert editors who can refine your strategy into visuals the way you would want. Fulfill your branding needs from us

Programming & Tech

From developing mobile applications to creating a website, our exceptional programmers are always there to lend you a hand. We prioritize the latest technology and also refine them by implementing them. Partnering with us can help you create a great infrastructure for your online presence.

Business Development

Digital Champs can help businesses to create and sustain growth. Our expansion strategies are based on extensive market research. If you want to meet our perception and vision of a business, we can help you expand it further across Dubai. Just share us your ideas and visions, we are happy to lend a hand.