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The way you can never judge a book by its cover, you cannot just judge an album by its cover. But you might want new listeners to get a visual representation of the music within. Just a great cover can help your music go out of stock. We are the best album cover design service in Dubai. We can help you create visually stunning album covers.

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Different Cover Design Service Art That we are Perfectionist at

We are a professional graphic design service provider in Dubai. We have years of experience in publishing and the music graphic designing arena. Thus, we can bespeak the concept of your album cover perfectly. Well, anybody would be tempted to sketch the vision of their music album. Many things make this task hard.

 Well, in Dubai, a lot of talented artists trying to make their place in the music industry. So, it’s important to make their album gets everything done right. The album cover is a part of that perfection. Just as we said, designing an album cover is tough work. Considering the type of your music, your audience and visual ingredients play a vital role in making an album perfect.

 First impressions are always important for your music. And without asking for professional help, your album cover may not be as perfect as you sought out to seek. We have plenty of different types of the album available in our arsenal. It’s because we have worked with them earlier on. But the most popular classy categories for our album cover art designs are here:

Cover Art Abstract Template

Using the language of shape, form, color, and gestural marks can easily depict visual reality. If you work with music that you don’t want the audience to visualize as just something specific, abstract art is always the best way to do so. This is a great way to bring your creativity to better visuals.

Cover Art Black Ink

Black is a color that will usually help you with camouflage. And using black in the cover art is always a great way to enhance your creativity or bring a classy look into your cover art. Dark shades of the same color are also a great way to design your music album cover.

Cover Art Ink or Colour

Pen drawing or artwork is also another great way to design your cover. It gives your cover a stunning, and classy design. Adding different colors and giving is a nice look that can inspire new listeners to grab onto your album. But designing such albums take a lot of labour and time to make it perfect.

Cover Art Font Style

Only a professional can depict the combination of typeface, size, weight, slope, and style. This way, the cover will make up a printable or displayable set of characters. Using just fonts for your album cover is obviously a simple way to create music album covers. And this style complements just about any type of music.

Cover Art Typographic

Typographic cover arts were the classic way to design a cover. However, the trend started once again. You can use typographic cover arts for designing your cover. Using creative and lucid ideas can always enhance your cover. Well, just using lines, or lyrics on the cover is not the main action. Rather, it’s about designing those words into visuals.

Cover Art Graphic Design

Using graphics for your album is best suited for hip-hop, rap, and other types of music. However, knowing how to do so is the challenging part. Photoshop, an illustrator is quite simple but making sure your creativity is on the rise can be tough. Making a good quality cover design will be hard unless the designer has enough experience.

Album Cover Design Service in Dubai Plans

Digital Champs is a professional graphic design service provider. As a professional service, we have years of experience in providing cover designs for the music industry. Whether online or offline music albums, we can design the perfect cover for you. For designing your cover, we have three plans to choose from. No matter what type of album you want, we can create it for you. However, our pricing plans may look expensive, but we offer a professional designing service. So, you are paying for the experience of our designers. You know what they say, you will have to pay extra just for miscommunication problem.

Monochromic actually means using just a single color for designing your album. We take a basic color and use that color to design an album cover. Our professional designers play with various tones, shades, and tints. Thus, they can easily create a range of hues for your album cover. This is the most affordable type of album cover design service on our plans. 

But don’t get us wrong. The designs are going to be unique. Our expert designers have experience in global scale graphic designing. But they don’t follow any specific designer in particular. That’s why they can implement some of the best techniques but are true to their own style. Well, our basic monochrome cover art design provides the following features in particular:

  • Design for back & Spine
  • Unique designs
  • 3 Design concept
  • No need to worry about the copyright issue. 
  • Add As many objects as you want
  • Can be used for commercial use
  • Full Cover Design
  • High-resolution design
  • Get all the necessary source file 
  • Unlimited Revisions

Our basic illustration package deals with pictures, objects, or different illustrations. Well, many album covers often like to place simple and well-designed pictures. Unlike monochromic design, a basic illustration plan deals with basic illustration design. But this is the place where you can also implement your creativity. 

Most of the album covers are done with a basic illustration. Basic illustration means illustration style like pencil, acrylic, watercolor, pen & ink, freehand, etc. And you cannot expect stunning and detailed work with a basic illustration. However, if you want to get a more classy look with your album cover, you can choose a basic illustration album cover design in Dubai. 

Our designers are experienced in working with illustrations. Thanks to global-scale experience, they can come up with better ideas for your album covers. We can implement your music content into pure visuals. So, what are the main features of our basic illustration plan? Here they are:

  • We will use color for album design
  • No need to worry about copyright issues
  • We design album covers for any type of music album (Mix, Lofi, Hip-hop, Single)
  • Get a high-resolution album cover design
  • Receive all the important source file
  • Print-ready version
  • Social media kit
  • Get at least 5 design concept

Our premium album cover design service in Dubai includes vector illustrations and Adobe Photoshop CC designs. our professional designers know how to implement advanced illustration into structuring your album cover. Yes, advanced album covers can always enhance your album’s outlook. 

We use premium tools and premium stock images to design your album cover. This way, you don’t have to worry about copyright issues anymore. Not to mention, we shall provide at least 10 design concepts with this plan. So, you can easily have a lot of options for picking up a good cover for your album. 

Our premium album cover design is a little different from the basic plan. We will design the background too. So, your album cover will have a more professional and eye-catching appearance. So, what does this plan offer you? Here are the basic features the plan has to offer:

  • At least 10 Design Concept
  • Background Design
  • We use Premium Stock Images 
  • High-resolution design
  • Get all the necessary source file
  • We design for any genre
  • Print-Ready Version
  • Full Cover Design
  • Social Media Kit
  • 3D Mockup


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Flexible Pricing Plans

Choose the right Plan for your Album cover design service in Dubai. 

Monochrome Illustration

AED 1100 .
  • 2 Design Concept
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Single Color Design
  • Full Cover Design
  • Get all source file
  • No Copyright issue
  • 300 dpi Print-Ready File

Basic Illustration

AED 1850 .
  • 5 Design Concept
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Color Design
  • Full Cover Design
  • Get All Source File
  • No Copyright Issue
  • 300 dpi Print-ready File

Premium Illustration

AED 2900 .
  • 10 Design Concept
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Background Design
  • Full Cover Design
  • Get All Source Files
  • No Copyright Issue
  • 300 dpi Print-Ready File


Why Choose Us?

Professional Designer

We have registered professional designers on our team. They have experience on a global scale level. Thus, the designers can meet all your needs and requirements.

High Resolution Files

When your album cover is ready, we will provide high-resolution files. All the source files are 300 dpi print-ready files. Get all the important source files at the final delivery.

24/7 Support

Most of the time, you have to spend a lot of money just for communication gap. But our designers can easily communicate with you reach closer to your demand.

No Copyright Issue

You will get full copyright ownership with your source file. No need to worry about plagiarism. All design comes with complete ownership with your cover.

Print Ready Designs

Whether print or digital, our album covers can are ready to go for print. We provide all the high-resolution files with your final delivery.Our final delivery will have no problems.

Unlimited Rivisions

We offer unlimited revisions with all the plans here. You won't have to pay extra cash for such a service. We want to ensure the best design.

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Frequent Questions

How much will it cost to get an Album cover design service in Dubai?

Well, it depends on professionalism and experience. And from our experience, the cost should be around AED 200 to AED 35000. But that too depends on the work and industry you are working with.

What should I put in my album cover design?

Well, you have to decide what type of design you want. Depending on that, the album name, artist's name, other information are always vital for an album cover.

Why should I decide on an album design service in Dubai?

If you want passive listeners to become your active listeners, an album cover design service is the best way to do so.

What size is a album cover photoshop?

The standard size is at least 1600 into 1600 pixels with a 300 dpi resolution.

Does album cover affect sales?

Yes, they can attract passive listeners easily.