Business Cards and Stationary Design in Dubai

Stationery design and business cards can promote your business. The modern-day requires modern-day solutions. The same is true for any business. Dubai or UAE is currently a great business place. So, the competition is fierce around here. Business or brand recognition is important. And we provide Business card and stationery design services in Dubai. 

Digitalchamps is your gateway to every digital solution. We offer the best possible graphic design support for our clients. We work with the Dubai and UAE region. And so far, we have completed a lot of designs. Our customers are always happy with our modern, sleek designs. 

We specialize in branding for small businesses in Dubai/UAE. If you value aesthetic designs, we are the best pick for you. We have experience working with clients from different fields of business. That’s why we know which style of design suits which field of business. Working with us will be great for you. But before we go on with the details. Let’s check out more about stationary designs and business card designs. 


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Business Cards Design and Printing Service in Dubai

Standard business card

DigitalChamps can help you with standard business card designs. Our standard business card designs include a one-side design. However, we will ensure you get high-resolution card designs. Depending on your business, we can create the perfect design.

Premium business card

If you want to go big, we have a premium business card service in Dubai/UAE. We know you might want to create a great impression with your cards. And our premium business card designs offer the most premium and genuine business card designs.

Matte business card

Matte business cards can put a personal touch on your products or even on your business. We know standard cards cannot provide most details. But matte papers can absorb more ink, and you can easily create more detailed matte business cards.

Gloss business card

When you want to print a full-color, a gloss business card is the best option. Yes, we include a super finish with our gloss business card, and when you print them - the design is sure to impress you.

Our Business Card Details​

Digital Champs offer you professional business card design services. We can design business cards for standard, matte, gloss, or premium category cards. We have discussed the specific designs. But what about the requirements and quality of our work? Here we are going to guide you with the details and a price table.

Standard business cards are the most popular for any type of business. However, finding a quality business cards designer can be hard. Most of the designers make some common mistakes that you will learn while printing your cards. Such problems can always lead you to dissatisfaction with their work. 

However, Digital Champs always likes to provide quality graphic designs in Dubai/UAE. We offer standard business card services for you. So, what are the main features of our standard business card design in Dubai? Here are the main features we should discuss with you:

  • Our designed business card will offer the standard business card dimension (3.3inches x 2.1 inches)
  • You will get double sided business card 
  • Can add a QR code if you like. 
  • Get quality letterhead (created with MS Word and professional font)
  • We offer print-ready files (PDF), Source files (AI), JPEG image files, and PNG files. 
  • Square or circle business card option
  • High quality and unique designs

If you want UV and Matte business card designs, Digital Champs can be the best place for you to order. Matte business cards are the best options for providing more details. Matte cards can absorb more color than other standard cards. So, they are a powerful tool for your business. 

Digital Champs can help you create the best matte business card. We are renowned for matte business card design in Dubai. We always like to provide high-quality graphic design services for our clients. So, what is our specialty in creating a beautiful matte business card design? Here are all the details regarding our design: 

  • Custom design for double-sided matte business card
  • Digital Champs create matte business cards according to your preference
  • We like to create your business card until satisfaction
  • Get CMYK Print ready files
  • We provide all source files (JPEG, PNG, Ai, PS, InDesign, Corel Draw, and PDF files)
  • Bleeds or margins on your matte business cards
  • Guaranteed high-resolution design
  • Includes letterhead with costume designs
  • Choose a single or double side design (according to your preference)
  • Unlimited revisions



UV Gloss business cards are mainly for luxury businesses. Mainly, hotels and jewelry shops like to create gloss business cards. ISo, are you looking for the best gloss business card design service in Dubai/UAE? Well, we are the right place for you. Digitalchamps can help you to acquire the best custom business card design within Dubai. 

We know an informative can increase your brand or business identity. So, you can hire us to create the best gloss business card design in Dubai. Here are the details regarding our UV business card designs:

  • Order a one-sided or two-sided business card (according to your preference)
  • Print-ready business card file
  • We accept at least 3 concepts from you
  • Guaranteed high-resolution file 
  • Custom size for your business card
  • We offer CMYK, 300 DPI high-resolution design files
  • Source files include – PNG, JPEG, PSD, AI, and PDF file
  • Compatible for raised spot uv business card, MOO print, and Vista print
  • Aligned with business trends of the current year
  • Multipurpose layout


If you want premium, modern, sleek, and unique business card designs, we can help you. Thanks to our years of experience, we know how to create the best designs for your business. We provide high-quality graphic design services within Dubai.

Our prices might seem odd but when you are looking for something premium, you better consider perfection. Especially, within Dubai/UAE, you better move on with a more professional approach. So, what does our premium business card design offers? Let’s check the service details first:

  • Designs for both front and backside
  • You can also design the front side only (According to your preference)
  • Default card size 3.5 x 2″. (Bleed will be 0.125)
  • 100% High-resolution 300 DPI design
  • Design concepts are welcomed
  • Letterhead will cost an extra charge
  • Source files include – PDF, JPEG, PNG, easily editable PSD, AI files. 
  • Vertical or horizontal design or custom size option
  • Get QR code 
  • Unlimited revisions until your satisfaction


Happy Customers

We have worked with many small and luxury businesses in Dubai/UAE. So far, their experience was satisfactory and.....

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Stationery Design and Printing Service in Dubai

Stationery design usually consists of paper, office supplies, letterheads, writing equipment, business cards, cases, and other similar items. The entire goal is to have beautiful branding throughout the company.

Digital Champs can easily design the best stationary items within Dubai/UAE. We have years of experience and we can deliver the best until your satisfied.

Our Stationary Design in Dubai Package

Digital Champs is here to help you design stationery for your business. Our high-quality designs are sure to complement your business. However, as professionals, we prefer you create everything from us. So, we will design a complete branding stationery package according to your preference.

Here we have three packages for you. Check out our packages and choose the right one for your brand or business:

Ebook Cover

AED 450 .
  • Letterhead
  • Email Signature
  • Presentation Folder
  • Business Flyers
  • Envelop
  • Invoice
  • Printing Facility

Illustrative Print & Ebook Cover

AED 820 .
  • Letterhead (MS Word)
  • Envelop
  • Email Signature
  • Presentation Folder
  • Invoice
  • Cover Page
  • Compliment Slip
  • Staff Card
  • Notebook
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Digital Champs is your one way stop for graphic design and other tech-related problems in Dubai. We are active within the Dubai/UAE region. Digital Champs like to do professional work and we want to gain trust from business around us.


Before you put your hand forward to purchase our service, we need to provide you some information about business cards and stationary design in Dubai.

Prices may change at any given time. Depending on your requirements you may have to pay extra cash for some specific requirements that are not included in your package. For custom offers, the price of the package or specific service may not be active.


Why should you choose Business cards and stationery service in Dubai?​

Digital Champs offers both designing and printing facilities for your business cards and stationery services. So, we offer all-around business cards and stationery solutions for businesses. Our professional designers can always help your business grow.

What are business cards and stationery?

Business cards and stationeries are colorectal pieces of your business communication. They often play a vital role in branding and marketing campaigns. They are very important for even online businesses.