Animated Previews Production in Dubai

There are no better ways to increase your video play rate other than animated previews. Static thumbnail images are very common in most videos. However, any animated previews production in Dubai is getting popular understanding such features.

Why Animated Previews Offer Higher Play Rates?

Have you ever heard about the first impression? A video thumbnail is the first impression for you. And video thumbnail helps people to decide whether they should consume the media or not.

And as a business or content creator, you would want people to watch your videos. Digital Champs wants what you want. But static image thumbnails are old news.

People are getting more stubborn with their choice. They want assurance. And animated previews and player bars can be the optimal choice for business.

Digital Champs can help you access the power of animated previews production in Dubai. There are plenty of reasons why you should choose animated previews. And if you are looking for one, we will guide you with the importance and how to order one.

Animated Previews

Empowering The Power of Storytelling

Animated Previews maker service in Dubai are best for delivering information about anything. And previews are meant for detailing your media content. Well, animated previews can serve multiple purposes. You need to make sure they detail all the important things. But how can animated Previews help you? Many things need answers. We are going to talk about

One of the best things about Animated previews is that they simplify any concept. When you are using video as a marketing strategy, you have to think about reaching the audience. And to do so, you will need to make the video simple.

When we say simple, it means making the video accessible or easy to grasp. When previews can convince people that the video is worth spending their time on, you hit the jackpot.

People don't have enough time to spend their time over a 3-4 minute video. There are other ones. Static thumbnails can always use words to gather attention. However, previews are more powerful in terms of gathering people's attention.

Animated previews can help you avoid all the number traps. Live-action videos often consist of some major flaws. They can just show some special features and nothing more.

On the other hand, animated previews are much more creative and engaging. They offer much more than just features and a number list.

The animation will always bring new life into your videos. Branding is not easy, of course. However, animated previews are the best way for Youtube and many other marketing platforms. Just think about the possibilities and you can understand a simple preview is always best for your business.

Animated previews have become a trend in recent times. Most big business likes to use engaging tactics to create business promotions. And for their media marketing strategies, previews can become a powerful way to gather an audience.

Animated previews are also quite powerful for cross-channel marketing. You can use videos on your website. But if you have previews, the audience can trace the video back to your website. And videos are a very powerful tool for marketing.

Why Choose Animated Previews Production in Dubai?

Animated Previews Production in Dubai: Keep Track of Market Trends

Animated previews are the recent trend right now. And Digital Champs can help you with easy-to-grasp video services. If you have anything for us, just contact us here.

// Choose Your Plan

Flexible Pricing Plans for Animated Previews Production

If you want a well-animated preview from us, we have three different plans for you. Check out the plans and if you have any queries, you can always contact us. Here are the main three plans for animated previews in Dubai.


AED 750 .
  • 3 Captions
  • 3 Screenshots
  • Add Logo
  • 15s Running Time
  • Dynamic Transition


AED 1499 .
  • 6 Captions
  • 6 Screenshots
  • Add Logo
  • 30s Running Time
  • Dynamic Transition


AED 2499 .
  • 12 Captions
  • 12 Screenshots
  • Add Logo
  • 60s Running Time
  • Dynamic Transition

Clients Say


We have completed some important projects with some of our previous clients. They have acknowledged us as a great video production service.

Abdur Rahman Clothing Store.

Digital Champs have delivered us exceptional quality animated previews. They communicate often and try to deliver the best animation services in Dubai. Hoping to complete another project with them later in the near future.

Rahmat Khuda Food Company

Working with Digital Champs have far exceeded our company expectation. They are super communicative, professional, and easy-going service. Definitely worth spending money on.

Asgar Sharif Fashion Shop

One of the best video services in Dubai. Definitely worth trying.

Atif Hossain Fashion Designer

Even as a fashion designer I need some animated previews to attract customers. Digital Champs is great in laying out my concepts. So far I have worked three times with them. So far, the experience was great.

Fatima Begam Social Media Enterpreneur

One of the best video editing services in Dubai. And they are always on to point with their work. The price plans are the best here. You don't need to inquire about the price. Rather, just pick a price plan and make the best use of it.

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